New bulletin “Short and clear”

New newsletter called “Short and clear”! We announce the start of our demo laboratory and invite you to visit us

We present to you our new newsletter called “Short and clear”!

In this issue, we announce the start of our showroom activities at Autoput za Zagreb, no. 22. The space represents the real working environment of the laboratory and offers equipment and materials that are part of our regular offer. High-quality laboratory furniture materials, the production of which we have been successfully maintaining for more than two decades, are an integral part of our setup, as well as the instrumentation of renowned manufacturers of which we are representatives.

On this occasion, we offer the opportunity to demonstrate the operation of the microwave extraction/hydrolysis and esterification system by Milestone srl, Italy. Schedule your appointment, and our team of engineers and analysts will present the performance of the equipment we offer, give a presentation that will walk you through all the essential aspects of the method in question and answer all your questions. Get informed regularly through our newsletters and contact us to define a visit date for demo work in our space.
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