Webinar – Milestone Ethos X microwave extraction/hydrolysis

Recently we’ve held a new webinar dedicated to advanced microwave extraction for food and feed products.
Our target was to introduce a unique technique for microwave extraction, hydrolysis, concentration (evaporation) and esterification that changes everything we are used to until now. Instead of spending a lot of hours for each process step necessary to reach final result by using a lot of instrumentation, now you are able to make everything done by only one instrument unit in just a few hours.

Milestone Ethos X microwave extraction system offers possibility to run two process step simultaneously (hydrolysis, extraction) in single vessel after which it is possible to concentrate samples in the same instrument by changing only rotor body. Complete process is automated and dictated by single method implemented in software database which enables operator to easily perform extraction process and automatically calculate final result.

EasyTemp technology gives an significant advantage in process reliability among all available techniques:
contactless IR temperature monitoring in each vessel makes an unique advantage that redefine cycle conditions regarding the current readings – method’s temperature profile is adopted every few seconds after the reading at each position is made. By this feature system ensure maximum safety even relatively different matrices are applied to be processed at the same run.

Flexibility: Milestone Ethos X microwave extraction system gives a possibility to run digestion programs beside extraction process using rotor with the same number of vessels – 15 at the same time.